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Natural Stone Showers

Possessing both rugged durability and contemporary good looks, Luxury Bath NW Natural Stone panels will give your shower a unique look.

While the natural stone gives the impression that huge slabs of rock have been used, the panels are actually quite thin. Combining thin layers of natural stone, reinforced alloy metal, and reinforced plastic ply laminate, these panels are lightweight enough to easily transport, yet still strong enough to last for years.

Available Natural Stone Colors



Available Natural Stone Colors






These Natural Stone shower panels have several benefits:


Exceptional Appearance

Because our panels are made of natural stone they won’t fade or discolor over time. Each panel features soft colors and natural stone veins making each truly one-of-a-kind. Panels come in three kinds of stone: travertine, marble, and onyx.

Easy to Clean

Each natural stone shower panel is custom made to fit any space, removing the need for grout. With no grout lines to keep clean, natural stone showers are easier to maintain. These panels are also waterproof, which keeps water stains to a minimum.


Fast Installation

Real Natural Stone panels weigh only 3 lbs per square foot which reduces transportation, labor and equipment costs. And because only standard tools are required, installation and on-site customization is easy. Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon is able to install these showers in as little as two days, which can be very important in a single bathroom house.

Natural stone panels add a luxurious look and feel to any bathroom. These panels are custom fit and made to order, giving you a custom look to go along with a durability that will last for years and years.