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Consider the True Costs of Tile and Grout

When it comes to planning your bathroom remodel, tile and grout are usually the first materials that come to mind.

What most homeowners don’t realize, however, is that tile and grout comes at a higher cost than just materials and labor; sanitary issues, the high cost of maintenance, and material degradation are all reasons to rethink your tub or shower remodeling project.

Luxury Bath Remodeling Vancouver WA

Your Bathroom May be the Most Dangerous Room in Your House

The bathroom is the worst offender when it comes to household germs. Do you know that there are more germs and bacteria colonies in the bathroom than any other room in the home.  In fact, given the right conditions the bathroom can expose members of your family to bacteria and microbes that double every 20 minutes, including e-coli, Ebola and other dangerous microbes.

Do you think your mold- and mildew-resistant surfaces keep these germs in check? Think again…

Even when you have a brand-new tub or shower installed by a typical remodeling company, you will be bathing in an unprotected system, because mold, mildew and bacteria can still grow on the surface.

Can You Afford to Replace Your Bathroom Every 3 Years?

What many homeowners may not realize is that grout is porous, which means it is susceptible to moisture which can cause serious damage over time.

When it comes to tile, the weak point is we live in the Northwest where we have extremes from 32 degrees to 100 degrees. When that happens, our homes expand and contract which allows the grout to separate. As the grout separates, moisture gets in between the tile and the grout…then you’re allowing mold and mildew to grow.

Also, our shower pans are impervious to water penetration. When you have a tile floor pan, what happens is the shower pan is made of sand below, and they put tile on top of it…as that moves, the water filters through the grout and into the sand and that’s where the sand holds it…over time the water wicks into the floor, and when it  gets into the floor it creates dry rot, and at that point you come into major damage into your subfloor.

Luxury Bath Remodeling Vancouver WA

The Typical Warranty for a Tiled Shower? Not Very Long…

The normal warranty you can get on a tile shower is one year. On top of that, there are certain conditions that will accelerate the degradation process.

Being in the Northwest, if you don’t seal your grout every year, then it can break down within a few years. If you try to do as much maintenance as possible…on sealing your grout, resealing when it starts chipping away, then you can get 3-5 years out of it.

Single-Bathroom Household? You Better Plan an Extended Hotel Stay Too

Another issue that can impact a family’s busy life, Duane points out, is the lengthy time needed for a typical tile installation, which can take up to week (depending on the complexity) to complete. This can severely impact the homeowners’ lives, especially for a family of 4 living in a home with only one bathroom.

So if you are planning a tile-and-grout remodel and you only have one bathroom, you will have to make long-term arrangements for accommodations, which can also add to the overall cost of your remodel which most homeowners need to take into consideration.

An Alternative to a Tile Remodel: With Microban Technology

The drawbacks of a tiled bathroom may make you want to “throw in the towel” on your remodeling plans, but Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon offers the solution to the uncleanliness, high-maintenance, and longevity issues associated with tile and grout. That’s where Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon and Microban comes in.

What is Microban, and How Does it Keep Bathrooms Safe?

The answer is the use of silver (a natural microbe-repellant) infused into the acrylic itself.

With Microban, it’s silver-infused into the product during the manufacturing process. They integrate it with the actual acrylic, so it doesn’t wear out, and it doesn’t wear off. It’s 24-hour protection, providing you and your family around the clock protection from mold, mildew, and dangerous bacteria.

Luxury Bath Remodeling Vancouver WA

Plus unlike the 1-year warranty typical of a tiled shower, a Microban offers a lifetime guarantee against mold, mildew and bacteria. Luxury Bath provides with you a Lifetime warranty in writing.

Are You Still Yearning for the Classic Tile Look? Luxury Bath NW Can Still Provide You With the Best of Both Worlds:

Because we know and understand that people fancy the tile look, we are the only company in North America that was awarded the contract to actually carve into the (Microban-infused) acrylic product to give it that exclusive real Italian Ceramic tile look with the cleanability of acrylic without having any of the grout problems.

Luxury Bath NW’s  Microban Acrylic Surrounds Can be Installed (on Average) in Just 2 Days

Not only does Luxury Bath NW install a product that is more sanitary, longer-lasting, and achieves the look of tile, but the installation process is comparably much more convenient as well.

With the (installation) of an acrylic wall-surround, that is a 2-day process, on average—one day we’re in, we dismantle the existing unit (tile, fiberglass, stone,) and the next day we install the new acrylic so they can use it the day after.

Luxury Bath has been an industry leader in low-maintenance bathtub and shower surrounds for 30 years. They are rated A+ with the BBB, and  have earned the Prestigious Angie’s List for Outstanding Customer Service Award for two years in a row.

Luxury Bath of Washington and Oregon is an industry leader in low-maintenance bathtub and shower surrounds. In most cases, a remodeled bathroom can be completed in two days.